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Related article: Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2003 18:13:58 -0500 From: Subject: African beach, red speedosTofo is in Mozambique, the country that runs down half of the east coast of Africa below the equator. Because of its long white beaches and coral, it attracts a hardy breed of tourists who are able to cope with its third world conditions. A web search will show you why so many South Africans make the trek up to the country that neighbours theirs, and why tourists from other parts of Africa make the journey to this cheap, poor but cheerful destination.It gets pretty hot in the middle of the day, so I took to staying out of the sun at that time. I still wanted a tan, but one I could control, so would get up early and go for a walk along the beach while the sun was still fairly tame. I'm turned on big time by tan lines and speedos, and I figure others are too, so I wore a tight pouch front costume that showed my ass and cock the way I like. And that's all I needed for my morning walk.The beach is backed by high dunes in some places and by palm trees in others. Normally if there is going to be any action it takes place in the dunes, but this wasn't the case on this occasion. I had walked up the beach about a mile, and had walked past a largish 4-5 man military style tent that hadn't been there the previous day. I couldn't see any activity, so I carried on up the beach another half a mile, savouring the sun's rays before turning back.As soon as I turned round I noticed a figure in front of the tent, standing near the sea. He was stretching and flexing the sleep out of what seemed from that distance, a well-shaped body. As I got closer I could see that he was dark skinned - tanned I guessed, not really black, and that he was wearing speedos too."Yes!" I thought "too good to be true!"He had seen me too - I was the only other person on the beach, and as I got closer he turned and gave me a smile and said "hi". He was maybe 28-29 and was half Portuguese and half black, I guessed, inheriting Preteen Nude Pics the best of both - a cheerful square Latin face with short cut curled hair and a permanent tan! He had a smooth muscular swimmer's body with tight pecs and a narrow muscled Preteen Nude Pics waist. His legs weren't overdeveloped, but he had beautiful strong calf muscles. Did I forget something? Oh yea, a bubble butt covered with clinging red nylon and an appealing bulge in the front, from an apparently thick cock snaking to one side.He may have noticed me looking at it - fucking blind if he didn't, and he may also have noticed the change in the front of my briefs, although it wasn't very cool without knowing which way he was inclined. The likelihood of someone like him being gay was low, but not remote. Gays in Africa generally don't grow up with an option of being queens, we often end up as macho as all the other shitheads. I LOVE this country!We started chatting about where we had come from. He said he was the advance guard of a group of engineer voluntary workers who had decided to come to Tofo for low cost relaxaton - they generally get paid nothing. They had borrowed the tent from the army engineer corp they worked with, and the rest of his chums would be arriving in a few days. I told him about my low risk tan plan and he laughed - always take precautions he said - and I retorted - whether its sun sea or sex. Especially sex, he said with a shy grin, but with a direct look."I need to put some lotion on" he said, "even though I tan easily I need to take care." "I could do some of the hard to reach places for you," I said. There was still no movement in his briefs, so I thought let's just take it at face value for the moment. "OK," he said, "the stuff is in the tent."The tent had three compartments, two for sleeping and one for cooking. We went into one of areas with a mat and sleeping bag and he said "Would you mind doing my back?" "OK," I said, "lie down on a towel and I'll oil you up."He gave me a bottle of oil and lay front down on a towel over the sleeping bag, his hands under his face. I poured some of the oil onto my hands - it was the thin type - and started to rub it into his rugged shoulders, stroking the excess down his upper back and spine. That feels great he said, adjusting his body. Don't stop. I had no intention of doing so and continued to stroke the oil down his spine to the small of his back. I smoothed it across his sides, rolling his body a little with the motion. I wondered what his cock was doing - but I KNEW what mine was doing, and I was just hoping this wasn't going to end up with me having completely misjudged the situation.I worked the oil in the small of his back and asked him if he wanted me to do his legs. He didn't move, or open his eyes, but he said yes, so I poured some onto the top of each leg and smoothed it down, over his strong calf muscles and up to his speedos. He opened his legs a bit so that I could do the inside, and as I massaged up his leg my hand grazed his crutch for a split second. I froze, but he did a little hip grind, raising his ass imperceptibly and I thought that we both might be enjoying this. I got a little bolder with the strokes, until my hand was definitely snuggling against his ass crack and he was definitely grinding and squeezing his butt to meet my hand.Nothing ventured, nothing lost, I thought, and slipped my fingers under the leg elastic of his speedos, just where the firm mound of his butt met the top of his leg. No hair, and the cloth of his speedos now becoming soaked and increasingly transparent with oil. I massaged his naked buttocks, the muscle clenching and unclenching under my strokes. I let my fingers slide into his crotch and under his balls, challenging the thin nylon, and then moved them up his crack, lingering around his ass hole, testing the ground as it were, to see how far he would let me go. All the way it seems. The more I played with his ass hole, the more he squirmed, arching his butt to my hands, then grinding his hips into the towel.My briefs were filled with 8.5 inches of thick rock hard cock, looking for somewhere to go, and I thought I knew just where that might be. I stuck an oiled finger into his hole, and he bucked up against it - god this guy needed it bad, and so did I. I kept my finger in his ass and I cupped my other hand around his balls, under and around to his cock. SHIT. It was still contained by his briefs, but only just. Nine inches of hot hard flesh was battling to get out of his pants, stretching the thin fabric to breaking point.Not good I thought - here comes the liberation army! And I freed his uncut thick rod, giving it a liberal coating of oil in the process. This was wild - he was still playing Mr Passive, but with a lot of energy! I pulled my finger out of his hole and straddled his ass, letting my cock poke his crack through the two layers of by now transparent nylon. He groaned and bucked, gyrating his hips for all he was worth, trying to get some fulfilment for his screaming oiled hole. I stuck my cock through the legs of my briefs, and it bounced upwards, its cut head drooling juice in spoonfuls.His hand reached back with a condom and he said "man - its been such a long time since I've been ...jeez, please, please, please... "I jammed the condom on and pulled his costume aside to reveal his nude bucking asshole, the tight oiled fabric glistening as it rode over his muscular butt. It was as much as I could do not to just jam my pillar into that pulsing ass crack, but my cock is thick and I wanted this guy to enjoy it.I put in two slick fingers, and he gasped with pleasure as I stretched his butt to accommodate what he had coming. I pulled out and he moaned, grinding his hips, begging me to fill him up. I placed the big helmet of my cock at the doorway to that warm tunnel and worked the tip around his hole until it was covered with oil too - heaven! - while he squirmed in anticipation. And then - in one long slow gasping motion - I slid my cock all the way in inch by plunging inch until he was skewered, my cock sunk to the hilt in his ass, my balls flat against his muscular butt.He went quiet Preteen Nude Pics as the full impact of my thick cock took effect in his tight tube. His deep groans of satisfaction matched my own. I pulled my cock out slowly and watched for signs of discomfort, but he was loving this, tightening his ass ring to give me the greatest feeling.I plunged back in and started to pick up speed until I was jackhammering that bouncing butt. This is good, I thought, but I want to see that giant cock of his, and I flipped him over so that he was facing me. The tangle of oily speedos was like a cock ring to both of us, and his cock was like steel - I love it when guys stay hard when I fuck them - sticking up to his belly button, thick and dark against the less tanned outline left by his speedos. I put his legs on my shoulders and lifted him slightly to get a good angle of penetration, and then I let him have it again - long even strokes all the way in and all the way out.There was no way either of us could last for long in such a hot situation, and amongst his groans he told me he was close to coming. And then he did, a sight to behold, his massive dick sending geysers of cum Preteen Nude Pics up his chest, and face in powerful spurts, the thick spray contrasting with his darker skin. I couldn't hold back any longer. I pulled out and pulled the condom off quickly, and then with a few pumps I blasted my load over his dark skin in bucket loads, my cock jerking and pumping as it showered him in thick jism.I collapsed on top of him, the layer of cum, oil and sweat gluing us together as I kissed him deeply. He responded passionately and after about a minute, I felt that big dick of his start to stir between my legs and .I realised that we were going to have quite a bit of fun before his mates arrived. March 2003If you like this let me know. Dan at
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